Poem #293

I don’t know how to let her go, she is a part of me. 

She was who I was and in trying to keep up with her I lost my own pace. 
I yearned to be the free and rebellious spirit  
I wanted to stay the one driven by emotion  
I wanted to keep my well of inspiration.  

I feel that the version of me that washed up to the shore 
after all these years is just dry, devoid of passion 
or maybe it’s just the adult version I could never accept. 

I live in this body,
it is the house of my soul
yet I am a complete stranger to myself.

This personality, this “me” that I don’t recognize in the mirror 
is just an error in my code but I’ve been too weak to fix it 
So, I coddle myself with fragments of my past, 
stories of how fearless I was, 
old shows and books that bring me to a time when I was stronger. 

Maybe she built this for me, maybe she wanted me to cross this path. 
Maybe she didn’t know I would shy away from a fight.  
Maybe she wanted me to find a new passion, new drive. 

But I don’t know how to let her be a memory, for she is a part of me. 
I am too weak to step forward, but I would jump a step back 
just to be the “me” I was without thinking it twice.  

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5 thoughts on “Poem #293

  1. It reads like the inner thoughts of all cocooned caterpillars that are bound for greater and more splendor things, which still inspire all of us still toady. Sounds like the old you is still in the “newer me”, to me! Keep your faith my friend.


  3. This Engrained Heart March 23, 2022 — 8:34 am

    At the end of the day,
    The soul is you,
    And forever it is thou,
    Aye, the sky has many things to witness inside it,
    And it faces inwards.

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