Poem #297

It was so hard to love you,
but I really tried.
Every time you pushed me away,
I would wrap myself around you,
let you wear me like an accessory.

I was ready to give you everything,
I would peel my skin off if you needed it to keep warm,
I would convince you there was good in you,
I sang lullabies to your demons so you would sleep calm,
I nurtured your wounds with my bare hands even when they were infectious,
I served you with all the love I couldn’t give myself on a silver platter
You gave me crumbs of the table and I saw them as a feast.

Tortured with the knowledge that you were bad for me,
I obsessed when you wouldn’t call back,
sleep would always avoid me,
I would tear myself apart trying to stop this
and I would always run right into your arms for more.

It was so hard to love you
and I would do it again.
You were a lesson.
We were worth it.

Haven’t posted a video in 5 months, but I will. For now, let’s recycle:

1 thought on “Poem #297

  1. Powerful writing, good poem

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