Between the Fence and the Fern

Between the fence and fern
In the back of the yard
In the cool of the dirt
On the soft moss and sod

In a universe of silt
In a narrow never-glade
In a moist and darkened congruence
of oxygen and shade

A never-ending cycle
of reproductive violence
A natural machination
Of Darwinian compliance

Larvae, Beetles, Earthworms
Black and Orange Ants
Decomposing nutrients
A lifeblood for the plants

A constantly raging battle
Steadfastly unforgiving
A cyclic constitution
where the dead support the living

It’s a brutal hidden world
so, all that we discern
are the gently blowing leaves
On the softly dancing fern

Geoffrey Reilly is a skilled, passionate, and collaborative information designer and writer with over 30 years of experience in the software industry.  He lives in Warren, RI with his wife, two sons, and their dog, Pepsi.

In his spare time, he writes essays, poetry, and (every now and then) short stories.

You can find his creative endeavors on his blog site, Bending the Needle – Truth Hurts and on his personal website.

If you would like to have your work published in The Poetry Bar send your poem, a few words about yourself and the link to your blog and Instagram account to the e-mail

3 thoughts on “Between the Fence and the Fern

  1. Wonderful read Luna 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this

  3. Lovely to find a new voice here – thank you, LUNA and Geoffrey!

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