The Lighthouse

The gulls are shrieking
Crying, calling
Above the tumult in the sea.
The waves are swirling
Curling, crashing
On the jagged rocks of grief.
The spray is rising
Flying, drenching
Making tears run down my cheeks.

But I stand firm
Fists clenched, jaw set
And gaze upon the lighthouse.

My world is tipping
Swaying, falling
Uncertain ground beneath my feet.
The pressure’s rising
Heating, tiring
Weariness too deep to sleep.
A thousand calls
Upon my time
And all I want is perfect peace.

I will stand firm
Fists clenched, jaw set
And gaze upon the lighthouse.

This Is Me is Freya Pickard’s third poetry collection, published this month. Freya is the author of The Kaerling series and a prolific poet. This Is Me traces the poet’s development both as a person and a poet from her early twenties to mid-forties. Initially determined to be single, she reveals what it was like to discover her soulmate. Enjoying physical and mental fitness, she tells how she struggles post cancer.

Purchase Link: Xmas @ Camelot II & Other Stories (Dragonscale Diffusions Book 1) 

Freya’s blog:

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1 thought on “The Lighthouse

  1. I love the rhythm you have achieved in this one. It’s powerful. I can feel the waves crashing.

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