That First Fire

Stupid me,
still looking back
from this advancing age

at that first fire
sparked by the first
lithe and lovely young body

pressed against mine,
that first inebriating scent
of lust-inducing May air

catching me on the cusp
of my maturation. Silly me,
Wishing I’d not been so unprepared

and that it hadn’t ended
before it could truly begin,
hadn’t left my heart so stunned

and by a thread dangling –
stupid me, wishing still
for another chance at you

with willing mind, but aged body
that can never again channel the power
of that first fire.

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Over the last 20 years I’ve found much solace in poetry – I think it’s the greatest mode of expression. I wrote only for myself for a long time, then decided to start a blog in 2017. Haven’t been very regular about online posting – I’m sort of “old school” when it comes to tech. Every now and then I feel inspired to put out some of my work, and to see what others are doing.

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  1. This really spoke to me. Thank you

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