Creating a Buzz

They’re zipping through the county
on the hunt for flowers
travelling over valleys and dales
every second of every minute of every hour

From Heaton Park to Peel Park
and others in between
a race to grab the nectar is on
and the contestants – they are keen

Crossing Bury and Bolton and Oldham
round the flowers these striped heroes fly
collecting the pollen and nectar
to top up their supplies

Clever little insects are these,
with their home among the city’s trees
flying from borough to borough
to make something golden for your teas

And over in places of worship
in gardens where honeybees strive
they’ve provided a place – free with grace
where the queen, drones and workers all thrive

So they’ll harvest the finest flowers
and over parks and forests they’ll roam
returning back from borders in another place
to fill those honeycombs

So – how did this all begin?

I started “Writing” as a hobby back in 2010, by suggestion of the wonderful team at the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC) by Hope Hospital as I tried to sort out the smarties of my short term memory in between therapy and art sessions.  When Volunteering opportunities came in –  i signed up – in marshalling roles and as a field of play assistant and more recently at Imperial War Museum (North) – where i’m helping visitors find their way round the building.  Aided the training of Australia (Swimming) and Brazil (Sitting Volleyball) at London 2012 and when not doing these things – i was writing poetry about it – now housed at a virtual home (online at HTTPS://

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