Am I actually talking about this?

Hello everyone and don’t judge me because of the topic I decided to talk about in my new video.  

The past few days I dealt with heavy subjects and I just wanted to give my brain a break so I talked about social media and the Kardashians because there’s nothing more synonymous in the world than that.  

If you don’t know, and ignorance is bliss people, an unedited photo of Khloe K. was posted online and they made a circus off it. I will just be giving my honest opinion about toxic body image that is imposed on us, toxic Instagram culture and how this family has negatively contributed to both.  

I cannot wait to be crucified and insulted if this video catches the eye of one of their diehard supporters.

Here’s the video, hope you enjoy:


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3 thoughts on “Am I actually talking about this?

  1. I said this maybe yesterday and I’ll say it here..

    All that is is proof that wealth and power is quite likely the worst possible existence on this planet.

    Inequality of power and wealth by the powerful and wealthy only results in the need for more which also includes the need to control images because they’re compulsively obsessed with it…

    Sounds like a self inflicted hell on earth.

  2. The Kardashians are a joke. All vain in appearance and wealth.

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