Again, shamelessly commercializing my little article on Ebay about females and the ways I “fail” at being one.

Don’t let Judgmental Judy tell you that you should know how to do something just because you are a woman. You can do whatever you want and also you don’t have to do whatever it is that you don’t want to do! If you enjoy having take-out and eating out, then do that. If you want to use your fridge as a storage unit for frozen meals and wine, do that! If you enjoy spending hours in the kitchen preparing meals and inventing new recipes, do that (and also send me some food since I don’t know how to prepare it). Don’t let them tell you that you suck at being a female just because you don’t have a certain skill Judgmental Judy thinks you should have…

Link to the article  BAD FEMALE, GO TO YOUR ROOM (and escape through the damn window):

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