Poem #6

I don’t feel like loving you anymore.
I grew very much tired of it.
If only I could take a shower and
sleep through it. My eyes and my body
then might catch a break but I cannot
command my weary heart to rest.


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16 thoughts on “Poem #6

  1. I like it, Luna. It has a careless intensely. It seems familiar.

    1. Very glad you liked it 😁

  2. Superb! Thank you Luna for this!

  3. I can feel the hot water running down my back as I bend over and retch in the shower. Heart racing, brain aching…I can’t seem to get over you. (you put me in the same room. Great job)

    1. Thank you, this is great 😁😍

  4. This comes from your heart; I’ve been there, the authenticity of your words touches me.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment, it means a lot. Honestly I hope you will never be there again, I know it’s awful

  5. I love it: sharp and succinct

  6. Hi lunaiswriting. Love never passed my way! Thank you for calling by and liking”Tattoo!” Be Safe.#TheFoureyedPoet.

  7. The foundation of transformation;
    Awareness; the desire for something else.
    Beautifully simple, Luna.
    Thank you,

    1. Thank you too 😀

  8. Really loved it!

  9. No rest for our weary hearts in love. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for commenting 😀

  10. My gallant heart to rest…

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