Poem #97

There was no flaw in the men who came
into my life after your departure. The only
one flawed was me desperately trying to find
a trace of you in every one of them.

I hurt others because you hurt me.
I abandoned others because you abandoned me.
I was incapable of holding on because you let me go.
You dragged me to the same hell in which you burn.
You turned me into something no better than you
and I am a fool that let you.

10 thoughts on “Poem #97

  1. Gorgeous x

    1. Thank you 😊

  2. Luna this is lovely indeed. You know we often here that there is no perfect person but indeed, there are those who complement us so much that they conceal our every flaw and those flaws make us intertwined in many ways than one. Moving on isn’t always easy but we always hope for the right person to move on with even with that we could still find ourselves drawn to the past, to the happiness, to the pain, to the incomplete completeness, to the void that never hides it’s face in the shadows of its paradoxical nature.

  3. I love your poem Luna…I feel your pain

    1. Thank you 🙂

  4. Oh, such a painful poem there …

  5. Beautiful

  6. I so identify with this. Wonderful to read.

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