Positivity Press #10

I am a gardener.
But only metaphorically (I know nothing of the ancient art of tending a garden).
Being a gardener, I always try to cultivate an attitude of optimism.

Most days, negativity can’t even claw her tendrils into me as I’m always on guard.
Like the Night’s Watch, I’m forever on alert for any unhealthy thoughts lurking in my mind.

Yet sometimes; I can’t help but frown when life does manage to coil her weeds of negativity around me.
When she spoils my toil by burying me in a heap of melancholy so deep I can’t tell up from down.

It’s in those moments; when I can’t seem to take it any longer, that I remind myself to cultivate an attitude of positivity by focusing on the things I am grateful for.

The small things really.

Like how grateful I am for the warmth of the sun on a cold day, the cool breeze on a hot day. Or simply a clear blue sky.

When that doesn’t work, probably because I’m so deeply entrenched in my negativity. I am forced to weed the garden of my mind by focusing on my body.

Like how grateful I am for organs, such as my heart for example. That beats non-stop without permission to keep me alive and is responsible for the blood flow in my body.
Can I ever repay it for its hard work?

What of my brain? What would I do without it?
It alone controls everything in my body, from my pH levels, to my internal temperature, my breath as well as many other processes I forgot about since last I had Biology as a subject.

When I do that, my negativity has no choice but to wither away in dismay.
If it doesn’t, I simply cycle through everything I am grateful for(from friends, family, life itself, poets, poems, pens, papers etc) until I begin to feel the negativity ebbing away.

This is my way of maintaining a positive outlook on life. What’s yours?

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5 thoughts on “Positivity Press #10

  1. One of the stranger things about writing is that even writing about things that have been negative in your life can help to remove as if we are unloading a burden onto a piece of paper 🙂

  2. Great post 🙂

  3. thanks. @ the #1 Itinerary

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    spreading positive vibes like butter on bread.

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