Poem #327

We were more toxic than this
cigarette between my fingers
Like a good addict I am still
looking for those eyes
that loved to undress me.

My mind is silenced.
My heart is twisted.
I wonder is it human to crave
poison while I lie awake,
a bit drunk with smoke in my lungs
waiting for you to come back.

9 thoughts on “Poem #327

  1. You have a beautiful way of capturing the emotions of being human, another great poem well done Luna <3

  2. Excellent. Well done.

  3. The longing is stone deep. Beautiful and sad. 🙂

  4. This is so ‘noir’ I love it

  5. Wew! What a piece

  6. How powerfully we yearn for real love. It is hard to keep searching while putting off counterfeits.

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