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Saturday talks

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great Saturday!

Since the last rant things have remained the same with this clogged ear of mine, I am still deaf but I am happy because yesterday I came home. I am finally in my apartment and in my room and I’ve missed it soooooo much.

And I’ve missed my mom’s cooking. I’ve had a bit too much food today and I always do this when I come home to my mom after a long period of time. I am a lousy cook and also I do not like to cook so coming home to her is a blessing when it comes to food.

I have been having some issues with my diet lately and I have been thinking about transitioning to a Mediterranean diet. It wouldn’t be so hard for me because it bases on fruits and veggies which I already eat an abundance off.

What else is neeeeew? Oh yeah, we are soon reaching 6k subscribes on this blog and I never thought this will happen. Like, we are closer to 10k than to 1k which we had a few months ago. I love how fast our little community is growing – not so little anymore to be honest!

This whole blog was a real step out of my comfort zone, especially since I made the vacation vlog and published it on Youtube. It’s the small things that count, you know. I am actually trying to come up with some video ideas when I already opened a Youtube channel.

I have been writing a new Coffee Date with Luna for the last week and a half. It’s just some of my thoughts about that disgusting piece of shit Epstein. As you can see, I hate him and I am sorry that he was killed before her could pay for what he has done and before he could open that filthy mouth on everyone else who was involved. Yes, this post escalated quickly and yes I do believe that he was killed. That wasn’t a suicide. Period.

The reason why it’s taking me so long to upload and finish that Coffee Date is because I have so much rage I have to censor and the post is right now 6 pages long and it’s too much. I am just all over the place when it comes to this topic.

As you can see, ranting too much in my posts is kind of my thing. The only thing short about me is my height and my poetry. I was actually thinking of posting shorter, concise posts here and maybe making videos on Patreon for those who want to listen to me talk.  BTW, if you would be interested in this, let me know in the comments.

And I also have to come up with Youtube video ideas. If you have suggestions, use the comment section to let me know. I am also working on a poem. I am being very productive when it comes to my content creating and it makes me happy.

I am going to stop talking now and hit the shower. It is uncomfortably hot in Croatia. The type of hot when you are just doing nothing and you can feel sweat running down your back. That type of uncomfortably hot.

I am really gone now.

Sending love and positive vibes,

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Would like to see your post on Epstein.

Epstein was a nefarious individual of the most diabolical sort.

Epstein marked the point where real international espionage and contemporary geopolitics intersected.

A lot of governments in the world knew what he was doing.

But since so many leaders partook of his “services”, nothing was done.

The scary thing is that so many people involved in managing this pandemic such as Bill Gates, Dr.Anthony Fauci and a few WHO officials paid visits to his notorious Pedo Island (Lesser Saint James Island in the Virgn Islands that he personally owned).

I watched the Netflix documentary on him and I was crying. Abuse is a very triggering topic for me and it was hard to watch and I was actually scared after watching this. All of this is happening in the public eye and people are just running around free while the victims are still coping with traumas and accusations, death threats. Some of the most powerful men alive are involved in this and they are living with their billions in their mansions while victims are deprived of justice. It’s disgusting.

See this type of uncomfortably hot is what i’m suffering frm this summer, no matter how many showers you take, aren’t just enough, it’s like we should live inside water lol 🤣 please don’t give up on your ear and so update us soon, please have a great sunday💝🥰

How wonderful it is to be home! Congratulations on the followers count, that’s amazing 👏 As far as Jeffrey Epstein is concerned, he slipped out of the hands of Justice for the despicable horrors he is responsible for. As a sexual abuse survivor myself, those scars run deep and the women who stood up to him are heros. I take every opportunity I can to applaud survivors and call out abusers because too much sex trafficking and human trafficking is swept under the rug and allowed because of power and greed. That system needs dismantling! Yes, the doc on Netflix was a chilling.

I feel the same way you do about Epstein. There’s so much going on in the world today, it’s hard to focus and keep track of it all. Everyday is something new, which has led me to turning the tv off several hours everyday.
His girlfriend is scared to death, or so I’ve heard. I can imagine she would go into witness protection or Gitmo. Just for the fact of potential “suicide”. All the info she has…
Sorry to hear about your ear, hope it heals soon.

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