All that sugar

Hello guys!

Here we are on another Friday that used to be a joyous occasion pre-2020. How are you doing?

I’ve had many small, little addictions through my life, whether it be a TV show or smoking. Well, that’s an extreme range to pick from – a show and an addiction that can cause lung cancer.

You know how I deal with my issues and pass the time – I go and have little projects like learning how to cook, do makeup, starting a Youtube channel. I sound like a person that has a lot of free time and trust me that is not the case.

One little project I wanted to start in order to better myself is….. Drum roll please….Kicking my sugar addiction. I talked a little bit about my toxic relationship with food in Recovery and Coffee

I was able to just stop smoking, one day I said enough is enough. I stopped smoking when I was 23 after 7 years. And yes that does mean that I started smoking when I was 16. I am not here to be role model as you can see.

Considering how decisive I was when it came to kicking my smoking addiction, I am amazed at how difficult it is to stop eating sugar. I am referring mostly to chocolate, candy, junk food of that sort. Since I was a little girl, I was addicted to sugar and can you blame me and other kids like me. It’s literally everywhere and people do not talk enough about the addiction it can become for some people. Us, sugar addicts, deserve our own rehab facility.

I understand that it is not a very popular subject because a lot of companies and people stand to lose a lot if sugar consumption becomes heavily regulated, but still…

I have never struggled with self-control as much as now. I have been experimenting this week to see how long will I last being sugar-free. I failed. Several times. And it’s really easy to fail, I mean have you ever been in a store? There’s just chocolate everywhere.

Some people think that this isn’t such a big issue and that we should just “not buy it, don’t eat it” but it a big issue because it still is a type of an addiction and the drug is very much accessible and cheap most of the time.

It’s just annoying and I do not like the feeling of not being in control of myself. Do you have any advice on this? Have you or someone you know been through this and have some tips and tricks to share?

Let me know down in the comments!

I know I said that I was going to upload Youtube videos on Fridays but that schedule did not workout so well for me but I think I will have a video up for you this weekend. Until then make sure to checkout my latest video if you feel like listening to me ranting and check out the other videos on my channel.

Thank you so much, talk to you soon!

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2 thoughts on “All that sugar

  1. I also am addicted
    To sugar 1, 2, 3
    Spoonfuls in my coffee
    (No I don’t like tea)….

    Just kidding….

    I only have 2….

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