No more treats!


You knew this was coming since All That Sugar

I decided to finally stick to the promises I made to myself and stop eating chocolate and candy every single day because it’s detrimental to my health. And I started and filmed this yesterday and today is day two and I am still not struggling which can only be described as a miracle.  

Come and take a journey with me in my sugar rehab. I will mostly be ranting about something as I do usually and show you what I ate. I am in no way educated to give out any types of advice regarding food, eating, etc., this is just me oversharing on the internet as usual.  

I hope you will enjoy it, here’s the link:

Thank you so much as always for being so supportive of this blog! 

Sending love and positive vibes, 

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4 thoughts on “No more treats!

  1. All the best! I’ve been off sugar for a while and just scoffed a bag of jelly beans. Oops! Back on the no sugar waggon as my skin HATES the stuff!

  2. Confectionery and chocolate should not be overdone, but we should eat them from time to time!

  3. I ll also try to cut down sugar

  4. I think the most important thing is not to label sugar as good or bad because that impacts a lot on our relationship with food. If you decide to completely cut off sugar all together, you’ll just obsess over sugar etc and crave it even more than you normally would, and binge on it, because you are not allowing yourself to have sugar now and then, when you feel like you want it. There is nobody on this earth, that craves sugar all the time. Or if they do, it’s because they have a warped relationship with food and have some disordered eating patterns they need help for. Or this would be because they haven’t allowed themselves sugar for a very long time when they wanted some. Your body wants a variety of nutritious food, intuitively, it knows what it needs. Let’s not demonize sugar as it is a slippery slope. Anyway, that’s just what I think X

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