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I need another getaway

Hello everyone! 
So this video was supposed to be uploaded and shared yesterday but I ended up going to an art exhibit unplanned and came home a bit late, drank a few too many and didn’t edit the video completely… But here it is now:

That weekend, if I ignore the last day when we went home and I got car sick, was amazing. We spent a lot of time in nature, just relaxing, not thinking about anything. Three days were just the right amount of time we needed to be there, explore a bit and rest.  

I hope you will enjoy the video. Not my best work but I was actually having so much fun that I would just forget to film, even though I constantly had the camera around my wrist wherever we went. 

This weekend was fun as well. I went yesterday to an art exhibit and today I got to hang out a bit with the team I work with. This was out first get together outside of the workplace and it was really fun! 

Thank you for being the best and supporting this blog for so long, it really means the world to me.  

I hope you will have an amazing week! 

Sending love and positive vibes, 

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