As Night approaches

The sun has flown to it’s nest
Twilight gives out a sigh
Darkness soon approaches
There is a flicker and stars come out to dance in the sky.
The moon calls out, peeking from behind the clouds
and the waves soar up high.
The ocean is bathed in moonlight
a beautiful painting you can’t deny.
I wait for the fireflies to light up
watching them sway and teasing their mates not to be shy .
The singing breeze has many questions
and slowly I unfurl my heart to reply.

Poem by Harshi.

Hi everyone! “Writing” is my ocean of words and I visit it often to release my thoughts. I carve out time for it, as it is indeed my cup of bliss! My “me-time” to hear the thoughts in my head. I began blogging this year on 6th June and I’ve just recently begun writing poems again.

Kindly visit my blog – whenever you’d like to dip into the sea of stories, poems, reviews and blog posts. 

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3 thoughts on “As Night approaches

  1. One of the few things I miss with living in Hawai‘i. We have no fireflies.

    1. Aaah! There’s always imagination. 😀

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