Autumn’s Waltz

The soft rustle of her steps,
as she whirls in her crimson dress…
Her crisp breath, her sweet laughter
in a faded whisper.
Her golden eyes, her gentle touch,
that I have missed so much.
She is waltzing near and near,
Autumn is here.

Hello there! My name is Malalai Khan, a fifteen-year-old aspiring writer from Pakistan. I love reading, and am really passionate about art, music and literature. I have a writing blog, on which I post bookish stuff, poetry and prose. I am new to the writing community here, and am really excited to have started this adventure!


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2 thoughts on “Autumn’s Waltz

  1. Delightfully descriptive writing. Well done. Enjoy your Autumn!

  2. Love this! Very visual!

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