Mountains Tall and Rocks Aloft

Mountains tall and rocks aloft,
A beautiful river flows;
Lush greenery endowed
With sweet water of’t.

Mountains tall and rocks aloft,
Down the river glides!
Rages, the forest’s pride,
An exquisite waterfall scoft*.

Mountains tall and rocks aloft,
How the river furiously races!
Yet its touch, a loving embrace;
Of water so lustrous and soft…

Mountains tall and rocks aloft,
The river’s purity polluted..
Yet its offering ne’er refuted,
Its beauty never to be doffed.

HI! I’m Prabhu S, a fourteen year old writer from India. I love reading science, and I also like listening to music and playing the piano. Writing’s my passion, and it will continue to be!

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2 thoughts on “Mountains Tall and Rocks Aloft

  1. This sounds like a poem from decades ago…I love the old(er) English used here

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