Life in Numbers

Do numbers mean anything to you…
24, 1440, 86400
Do numbers mean anything to you…
7, 30, 365
Do numbers mean anything to you…
4, 52
Do numbers mean anything to you…
1, 0
Because for me, they do
86400 seconds in a day for me to appreciate the simple things in life.
Even while I am asleep, I will still see the wonder of having to dream and wake up to the reality of it.
365 days in a year is the number of time I get to try new things and try again.
I can either start afresh or pick up where I left off with the break of a new dawn.
52 weeks is the period I get to be grateful for my small victories.
Seeing my family and loved ones happy is one.
The ones and zeros is a reminder that the absence of one truth doesn’t not imply the other.
Things will be things, people will be people, and there is room for exceptions.


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1 thought on “Life in Numbers

  1. I figured out recently that very soon I will view my 25,000th sunset. I forget the date, but it’s coming. 2024 I think.

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