Poem #274

I always knew there was a finish line, 
a place where I will finally rest and now 
that I’ve reached it I feel disappointed in myself. 

I didn’t reach that for what I’ve strived. 
I’ve merely reached the end of my power. 
There’s no road ahead because the strength 
to take another step is gone.  

The silence is nauseating.  
The passage of time is so painful and so fast.  
I can’t hear birds in the distance,  
I cannot find beauty in the outside. 
I became so fragile that I am forced to hide 
to preserve the little sanity I got.  

I can hear the thoughts and promises from the past 
coming to collect, coming to ask how I became this way. 

I became a cemetery covered by fog in the night.  
If I couldn’t take another step 
how am I to summon the strength to build a road and exit this haunted place? 

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4 thoughts on “Poem #274

  1. Beautiful and challenging all at once….Do not go gentle…

  2. Ashes for phoenix,
    unbelieveable release,
    we await rebirth….

  3. This is so powerful – and feels like it’s being told to me in a cafe. Beautiful. It also could have been me you described. How are you? If ever you feel crappy, please reach out lovely human xx

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