I am

a small halt in the wind a pinhead
obstruction in the sun’s path
I emerge as a shadow that routinely
blows out of proportion shrinks reversely
morphed by shifting conviction
I look back and cannot
envision myself wholly

The bauhinias that shed velvet petals
coating the lane magenta
are not steadfast either
They read me
with new faces each morning
When the rain washes me away
I’ll go fragmented
as always
patterned by the elements
drifting into them
spasmodic syllables in
the poetry of the universe

Urmila Mahajan

You can read my poetry on https://urmilamahajan.wordpress.com

I’m from India. I’ve been teaching English for over thirty years now and writing means a lot to me. Poetry is my creative outlet and it holds me up through everything. I published my book of poems ‘Drops of Dew’ several years ago and a children’s novel, ‘My Brother Tootoo’, a few years later. 
In ‘I am’, I tried to express my thoughts on existence and impermanence. We’re each here for a brief interval in the ongoing scheme of things. I like experimenting with different kinds of structure just to free up my thoughts. I hope you like it. 

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