Poem #283

The leaves rustling.  
Cold air pinching my skin as I sit here watching  
autumn fall into winter. 
The freshness travels from the tip of my nose to my toes 
with each breath. 
The scenery invites for a meditation. 
The force of life vibrates through each season, 
an inexhaustible strength that gives perpetual birth.  
So underrated yet so incredible.  
I can hear the cars and the trains but  
it’s like they are miles away. 
The bustle cannot suck me in because 
a cold afternoon in the park is keeping me safe 
in its warm embrace,  
letting me admire how gracefully autumn falls into winter.  

2 thoughts on “Poem #283

  1. A beautiful expression of living in-between the changes in seasons, and life. Lovely poem. 🌸🌹

  2. Feeling the warmth of nature, even when it’s cold.. beautiful

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