Coffee Date: Dropping out of school

I did not plan to make it this long! 

This story was originally going to be a written Coffee Date with me that you are familiar with but it literally ended up being an essay. I did no think any of you would be interested in readin 10 pages on me dropping out of college, so I thought wouldn’t it be better if I made a video about it because that way it would be shorter and maybe easier for you to watch/listen to.  

I then ended up making a long video… Since I put effort into it, I was not going to let it go to the trash so here is my whole story on the events surrounding my departure from the academic world. I referenced this decision a lot and what happened in these few months before I dropped out was the reason why I became more open with all of you on my blog about the things I was going through. I hope that you will enjoy it and if you don’t make it through the whole video, I don’t blame you! 

Thank you for supporting me, my blog and channel, it meant a lot when I was going through the hell I describe in this video and it means a lot today! 

The link to the Youtube video is here if you want to watch on Youtube (which is better 😁):

And here is the video for people who don’t feel like going to YT:


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