Poem #292

The only light you can find around me
is in the eyes of the demons lurking in my shadow.

Can I be described as a good person
if I carry hate for myself in my heart?

It’s almost dawn, it will show you the way out.
This isn’t a safe place to be.

Can’t you see that I am bleeding?

I injured my palms and knees crawling at the bottom
looking for the next hit of inspiration because without it I feel empty.

What does it say about me that I can only write about
pain, anguish, loss, suffering and everything people try to avoid?
What does it say about me?

Maybe that I want to be avoided.
Maybe I want you to leave.

Maybe I cannot exist next to you because you make me
feel joy and I am not ready to lose my lines.
They are neatly done on a glass table, I snort them and
everyone around me gets high.

I want to be seen but from a distance,
I want to hear the applause and hear them whisper
“I found myself in this”
What does it say about me?

You took me from my bed of nails to your mattress
and I panicked when I liked it.
I feel uncomfortable in the peace you give me.
What does it say about me?

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2 thoughts on “Poem #292

  1. Nice imaginative expression. I enjoyed reading this.

  2. “I found myself in this” Powerful!

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