Poem #285

If I could go back, 
I know exactly what I would change 
but what if it’s not like in the movies. 

What if the space-time continuum doesn’t  
change if you go back in time and do something different? 

What if this is all there is? 
What if you always end up in the same place 
no matter how many different turns you take? 

What if our destiny really is written in the stars 
and we aren’t a factor of change? 
Would you be blissfully relieved and let your life take you 
on that predefined path? 
Or would you tremble with fear in your own helplessness? 

2 thoughts on “Poem #285


  2. I’d rather not try!
    I don’t know what the other road would be. At the end, this one was not so bad…It turned out quite great!

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