Poem #272

I don’t believe it’s a simulation, 
but if this is life, I don’t know why it’s glorified. 
There is something questionable 
about existence having a bottom line 
only to become one.  

Curiosity is natural but it becomes a burden 
when you are left with an endless line of questions 
and any answer you find seems to hurt you. 

What is life when it comes down to high functioning depression? 
I can do it all, I can have it all and it’s all so free. 
There’s no cost to pay when you don’t feel happiness.  
You don’t feel anything.  
Just going through the motions, taking the steps that someone 
somewhere told you were right. 

No passion.  
No drive.  
Life in black and white.  
I don’t believe it’s a simulation, but if this is life 
I don’t know why it’s glorified. 

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7 thoughts on “Poem #272

  1. I can relate.

  2. deep and heartfelt

  3. this is a faithful reflection of tone-less, colour-less depressed states. very nicely written.

  4. sometimes life kicks you in the ass. and it hurts. and the only thing that manages to take the pain away is time and a little motrin. 🙂

  5. I could not help but think of the word stimulation every time I read the word simulation. I know you’ve posted your intent, so the thought is my own. Maybe when we face these situations, all we need to do is stimulate those aspects of life that truly bring us peace of mind. Remember, my friend, that in the middle of life is if. And “if” can make all the difference.

  6. As a fellow, high-functioning depression sufferer, this rings true. It reflects the depression sufferer’s reality in beautiful words. Life is glorified – many people are grateful to draw breath in the morning just because. Yet, when was has depression, one cannot suppress the deeper question of why.

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