Poem #269

I forgot how to live in the now.
I spend so much time daydreaming and
living through some scenario my head comes up with
that what I have left of my day has to be used to actually sleep.

The world became so underwhelming next to the
adventures my imagination takes me on.
I don’t have to be me.
I can unapologetically be the version of me I want to be
and nobody has to know about this little secret.

It’s a universe I created to keep myself.
It’s a world in which I can script what I am perceived as.
It’s a safe space in which my problems don’t take over me
and I can be so free.
So young.
So happy.

I am diving in
and running through
and walking by
and talking to
and cuddling with
and laughing with
this beautiful lie I let overshadow reality.

So Free.
So Young
So Happy
Such a well crafted lie.

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