Black and white

Throughout my life I’ve learned one thing about me. I’m an extremist. I go from one end to another and the middle in an unknown area for me. It’s black or white, hot or cold, happy or sad. No middle. Even when it comes to the clothes I wear they’re either bursting with colors or they’re one colored.

It got me thinking about life. Is everything really black or white?

In terms of relationships are we allowed to have a gray area? Let’s say you have a boyfriend/girlfriend but you meet someone else who you also like. If you can’t decide what to do you’re standing in the gray area and you are running the risk of hurting two innocent people but if you picked one side, black or white, you’ll only hurt one person. It still isn’t perfect but it’s better than two. In my opinion relationships would be much less complicated if everything was black and white because when we enter that gray area we lose ourselves and we get confused about our whishes and feelings.

In terms of everyday life events we are surrounded by gray areas because the most demanding job is living. There are numerous options and we rarely know which one is right. To be honest none of us ever made a decision that we didn’t question a million times.

For example, you wanted a certain job but didn’t get it so you had to settle for something else. Are you in the black area and everything just went to hell? Even in my black/white opinion I think that sometimes we should just believe that we are in the gray area because there is still hope that we’ll step out to the white side of the story. Maybe that job is just a step towards something better, a promotion or some new job opportunities.

I’m no expert in life but I’ll just be honest. When it’s just about you wander the gray area, let yourself be lost and give yourself a chance to find yourself all over again. When you are running the risk of hurting someone cross the gray area and work fast because you shouldn’t hurt someone just because you don’t know is it black or white. Maybe you’ll end up hurt at the end but I think it’s easier to survive some pain than to live with your conscious and guilt every day.

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