Poem #83

I was never good in art class but yet
for you I tried to behave as a descendant of Picasso.
I took a canvas and made you a painting
to explain my emotions better, to make you
see how much it hurts when you do some things,
to let you know what I need more of so that I
could feel safe and loved around you.

I thought you were such a good guy because you
tried to understand and tried to be better but then
I realized I was the girl that stooped so low as to
be forced to draw you a map to my heart because
you couldn’t find it yourself. I was handing you everything
I was, everything I am and everything I will be and
you were still wandering without appreciating this gift.

10 thoughts on “Poem #83

  1. With great pride we give the best of ourselves believing they will fill all our hearts voids, to decorate it with a rivers of colors and a plethora of loves emotions like we’ve never known, only to be disappointed by the increased hollowness of their efforts and adroit ignorance as they mistreat our cherished offering as if it were nothing worth having, leaving us wounded, chillier and resembling, Jupiter.

    1. I agree. Maybe sometimes we are the ones who are supposed to find our own heart and heal it

      1. That would seem far too easy and undermine the need to have anyone else in our life for any reason again, IMO. I’d rather long for the one who never came than love only…me.

      2. But can we actually let someone love us and can someone actually fall in love with us if we don’t love ourselves completely to begin with?

      3. Of course, who better to patiently teach us to better love ourselves and why while you do so in return for them.

  2. loved this

  3. I do not think that creating a map for someone to your heart can be considered as stooping low. At the most, it’s a desperate desire to be loved. That’s what we do when we cannot love ourselves; we search for it outside of us. It is interesting though how, even after we know how we want to be loved, we do not love ourselves the same way. We find it easier to expect others to love us by helping them know how we want to be loved instead of taking the effort to love ourselves. Also, that’s the thing about things that come easily to us, we seldom appreciate them. We humans like to discover things ourselves.


    1. I actually love how this comment perfectly describes the situation in which I wrote this poem and how I feel. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for leaving this comment ❤

      1. I hope that you do not anymore feel that you stooped low for love. There’s no shame in wanting to be loved; it’s only human.

  4. Picasso’s a good analogy for feelings. They always seem to be discombobulated.

    Guys get lost easily. If she’s drawing him a map to her heart, she obviously wants him there. Sometimes you can put things in our hands, and we still don’t get it.

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