Poem #239

They are talking about us as if it were their business
to dissect every fiber of our existence.
They wanted us to know it’s never going to work
because we don’t fit in with their point of view.

As if faith asked who we are and where we come from
and how much we have before it brought us together.
As if we could pick where our hearts want to rest.

It was like the movies, a bad boy chasing after the girl
that was looking for a reason to release all inhibitions.
What the movies didn’t teach us is that the happy ending
does not play out in real life.

The movie starts, we fall in love at first sight.
By the middle we jump over the obstacles in the name of love.
The plot twist comes, doubts start creeping in and we are
too young to process all of this.

In the movies love beats all but when you aren’t on the big screen
love is set aside and heartbreak takes the lead.
We betrayed us, we fell in line to take their point of view
just to justify why we couldn’t rise above.

Maybe we will learn from this, maybe we will know better because of this. And maybe it would all burn less if it was a decision and not
society’s imposition.

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5 thoughts on “Poem #239

  1. Well penned! Greetings 💓

  2. You hit the nail on the head Luna!

  3. Christian ‘Rio’ Melendez February 27, 2021 — 7:58 am

    Phenomenally stated. What a beautifully developed mind you have, Luna. Really made me take a step back and just reflect on my ideas of love along with what I personally do to “check those boxes”. I’m not a clock in/clock out kinda fella in the dealings of love, but we all know that n not reciprocated to a certain degree, from either party, it can feel that way. I’ve also worked behind and in front of the lens and I can assure you — the fantasy is as real and abrupt as the scene until the director yells ‘Cut!’. To all, find YOUR definition of love and hold onto it. Glad to have “met” you all here. 🤍✨

  4. Wonderful!✨

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