Poem #242

Being strong is a blessing only while
others think you are weak.

Being strong is not a get out of jail free card
when it comes to pain.
Being strong doesn’t mean our skin can’t bruise
or that the scars aren’t deep enough to bleed a river.
Being strong doesn’t always keep us on our feet,
when we fall, the blow breaks our knees.

It is not an invitation for you to push the limits.
It is not a challenge for you to see how much we can take.
It’s not a justification for the world when it hits us harder.
It does not mean we need to go through more pain than the rest.

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2 thoughts on “Poem #242

  1. ‘Being strong doesn’t mean our skin can’t bruise’ – powerful!

  2. This one hit me right at the core. Splendid! 🙂

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