Poem #249

Put your trust in me.
Let me just pull out my needle and thread,
stitch you up without causing pain.
I will gently take you on a journey
to your self-realization

You think this is moving at your pace,
but I determined the rhythm.
I know you, I watched you, I developed
a need to just help you become
the best you can be.

Let me deep dive into your consciousness,
find excuses for every mistake you made
to clear your conscience.
Let me prepare the starting line for the
new chapter of your life.

Let me heal you, let me love you,
let me pour my strength and capability into you
since I was never able to use it
to help myself.

The thread I used to stitch you up
is the fiber of my being. I am giving the
deepest of me because I don’t know how
to make other use of it.

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5 thoughts on “Poem #249

  1. Last lines were awesome!!

    1. I agree, that was a fantastic ending.

  2. Beautiful deep poetry.

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