Poem #253

If you are not here, why should I be?
I attached my existence to your presence
and now my life is hanging by a thread.

I am not going to jump from a rooftop,
but we both know you can have a beating heart
and still know what death feels like.

You can bait me in with a simple show of affection.
Before you know it my hand will be running
over your chest and the right side of your bed
will carry my scent.

You already stole my heart and now you are
buying my body cheap. It’s worth what you want,
a few moments of attention and morning kisses.

Keeping me wrapped around your fingertips
is starting to feel like a burden on your conscience.
What will leaving me feel like after all that you’ve done?
That blame will be the last thing we share because
you opened the door but I was waiting to be let in.

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