Me taking care of Me

I couldn’t tell you what has gotten into me, but I am becoming the embodiment of wellness.

Ever since I decided to get the food intolerance test, got the result and realized how bad I was treating my body for years I have spontaneously started to give my body the treatment it deserves. This is not only about the things I eat but everything I do in general.

For more about my food intolerance test, you can check out:

For example, I have an issue with binge eating so I decided to do a very big grocery shopping trip to avoid going to stores often and buying stuff I shouldn’t be eating. Yesterday, after spending hours walking around stores, I got home and spontaneously got into my workout clothes and did a short workout. Usually when I would start working out I would push myself hard, and yesterday I told myself “You are out of shape, 20 minutes workout will be enough and you will gradually start working out more”. No pushing or abusing my body.

Then in the evening I edited and posted my video and had a whole hair care night. I was under the shower for a solid half hour doing hair masks, my skincare and everything.

Today I went to a kind of a drug store and got my gluten-free oatmeal so I can make my favorite breakfast tomorrow and got some things for tonight because I want to exfoliate my skin and I am trying some new waxing options. I’ve spent two hours after my lunch just enjoying my book. I’ve spent less time on TikTok and Instagram.

I am evolving. I know I will slip up and run into issues, but I am feeling okay now. I was very upset about the food test results and it’s still hard but I feel like I have more determination now to get better.

I think this whole “self-care” is my apology to my body, I am just like “I am sorry I fed you all of that gluten you couldn’t process, I will do better from now on”.

That’s pretty much my weekend. Self-care left, right and center.

I am going back to my book now. I am one of the few weirdos right now in Croatia not watching the game. If you are not familiar, Croatia and England are playing today. When it comes to sports, I only ever religiously watched the World Cup 2018 because we were doing amazing and it was the only thing anyone watched and talked about then.

I will get the results online or from my boyfriend. I prefer my book and also do not own a TV in my apartment to watch the game and I don’t feel like streaming something I would usually watch.

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Me taking care of Me

  1. It’s great that you’re taking steps to taking better care of yourself. We all abuse our bodies in one way or another, and it takes great strength to treat it right. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Self-care is the greatest favor you can do yourself. But we still neglect it. It’s never too late to realize it. Good luck! 🙂

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