Dealing with emotions

Hello everyone 

So, today  I tried to stick to a schedule. I tried to do my daily tasks. I tried to not cry. One of the things on my agenda today was filming a video so I decided to really do it because writing a blog post is about half an hour, but making a video and editing is a few hours work and it helped me stay distracted from all of the painful things going on in my family. 

I know it’s not healthy to distract myself from my feelings and from what’s happening but I am just trying to get through the day and work through the pain. It works for me now and it’s enough for me now.

Hope you will enjoy the video 

Thank you all for being here and thank you for all the positive vibes and comments on my last post. You really are like a second little family for me.  



2 thoughts on “Dealing with emotions

  1. Anger is an energy, as promoted by PIL.

    Anyway I am looking forward to potato and leek soup once the leeks grow enough to be harvested. The spuds just keep on keeping on which is the benefit of multiple plantings. Second year I’ve planted leeks and they are really slow in their growth.

    Both me and my son like potato and leek soup as it comes from a time of safety from a violent person. I first cooked this when my son was “given” to me by the authorities as his mother was a violent abuser and it has become a comfort food for when ptsd hits him each year when the violence was at its worst (from September to January) as this is when he has his worst flashbacks due to the violence he endured at the hands of his mother.

    Never underestimate the value of comfort food to help through trying times.

  2. Sending positive vibes ✨

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