Poem #300

Existing on airplane mode
while never getting on one.
Stuck somewhere between the past and the future
but I need a new name for it
because it hasn’t been a gift for a long time.
My life is passing me by
and instead of change
I am smashing clocks.
I will use the broken mechanisms
to try and fix my heart.

2 thoughts on “Poem #300

  1. I love this!! Great Post! Especially your line – Stuck somewhere between the past and the future!! Great seed of inspiration!!! I love poems about time! Bellissimo, My Dear!! 😊🎁💕🌹

  2. Wow! This seed of inspiration was really powerful for me! If you might like to see what your words inspired contact me: chucklindholm@hotmail.com 😊🎁💕🌹

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