Poem #301

I will be better tomorrow. 
I will be who I deserve to be tomorrow. 
Oh, what a bright future shines ahead of me. 

But today, I will let it all go. 
One last hurrah before everything drastically changes tomorrow. 
I might forget to wash my teeth today, 
but that’s okay because I don’t have to leave the house. 
Wouldn’t want anyone to see me before tomorrow when I will be better. 

Tomorrow I will present myself in the best light, 
but today I will let my vice take the wheel. 
I want to say a proper goodbye to the  
indulgingly bad parts of me before tomorrow comes.  

It will all change.
A new era will begin.

1 thought on “Poem #301

  1. When you read this…tomorrow, remember there are many sending their best wishes for you, even if you’ve already forgotten us.

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