Wake the f*** up

WAKE THE FUCK UP! I just sometimes have the need to yell that sentence to people. I just don’t understand for how long do people plan on living a life that’s only surviving.

Firstly let’s analyze the sentence literally. You should actually wake up. Nothing will happen while you’re feeling comfy in your bed and looking at the ceiling. There will be no progress in your life if you keep on making those 5 more minutes an hour. Get up, eat something, drink a strong coffee and work for what you want. Success and accomplishment don’t grow on trees. Next time you realize you didn’t do half the things you were supposed to just think if that extra time in bed was worth it.

Now let’s look at it from a wider perspective. People are big talkers but when it comes to working almost none of us do what we say we’ll do. Life isn’t a story waiting to be told – it’s a story waiting to be written. While you’re sitting with your friends and telling them how you’re unhappy about something in life, what are you actually doing to change your current situation for the better? NOTHING, you’re doing nothing! Get your lazy ass up and start working to make your life better.

Why do we still expect help from other people? The number of friends and family members you have isn’t equal to the number of doors you can knock at when you’re having a hard time. I know it’s harsh but it’s the truth. If you want something earn it because as long as you owe anything to anyone you’ll never be free. Open up your eyes – nobody will help you unconditionally and you shouldn’t do the same. I don’t want to sound like an iceberg talking but when it comes down to it it’s every man for himself.

This is probably one of the most annoying things I’ve ever had to listen to. People who have their lives planed out – stop being boring! So society told you that you should get a degree, start up a family, have some kids, find a job, pay your rent and bills, send your kids to school, wait for their graduation, retire and then die so you just decided you should do that. I’m support your decision if you’re doing it because you want that life and because you’ll be happy living like that. The problem begins when you accept that lifestyle and feel miserable for the rest of your life because you always feel that something is missing. Venture outside that sketch that you call a life and find your passion. Don’t settle for less than you want. We live in a world where anything is possible but nothing is easy so work until you find happiness no matter what or where it is.

Stop living a static life and, for the love of God, stop waiting for things to happen. Work your ass off and never give up. You’ll probably go through exhaustion, depression, failure and it will all be worth it because you will eventually succeed but first you have to WAKE THE FUCK UP!

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1 thought on “Wake the f*** up

  1. Tolerating your life…is not living it! You’re spot on “Wake The F&$€K Up!”

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