Poem #262

They took your beauty away.
All things beautiful like your mind, soul,
body, smile and virtue you carried in your hands
like a flame that couldn’t hurt you and
they did their best to put it out.

Have a smaller waist.
Be smart but not too smart.
When you are sad, don’t show that.
Cover your face with makeup.
Believe that your body is here for others to gain pleasure.
Make your voice softer
Make your existence smaller.

How do you live in a world that disproves of you?

And we try to fix it all.
We carry womanhood like a burden instead of a blessing.
With each passing year the flames get weaker,
our faces look a bit older but at least they do not reflect
how old our souls became in a world that put them through hell.

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5 thoughts on “Poem #262

  1. This is so well done. 👏

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  3. Luna I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the great read. I enjoyed it very much, and it inspired me to write my new poem ‘Consuming Us.’ Thanks for posting.

  4. I felt your words. thank you so much

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