Poem #265

Your eyes are like two oceans  
I wouldn’t mind drowning in them.  

In a world where happiness  
and good times come as a surprise 
I would like to dive into your eyes 
and relive the childhood memories 
of freedom, running wild, climbing trees 
and watching cartoons that made me dream 
about being a fairy in a kingdom far away. 

Your eyes are like two oceans and I will 
keep my head under water and hide 
when reality comes knock-knocking on the door. 
There’s so much depth in them that your gaze feels like poetry. 
I wish I could look at the world from your point of view. 
I wish I could feel like the person you see me to be.  

Your eyes are like two oceans. 
I wouldn’t mind drowning in them. 

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3 thoughts on “Poem #265

  1. You write awesome!! Do visit my blog

  2. Love this Poem..

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