Poem #299

I have built walls to keep them away
but I kept myself away from the parts of me that make me who I am.
There is an abyss and shards of glass separating me from
my notebooks, my creativity and my smile.
I am left in this world empty,
a shell of what I could’ve been.
A person that had went through the type of death
that leaves you in the land of the living
wishing you were never even born.

I am the embodiment of empty pages,
dried out pens,
broken guitar strings,
abandoned canvases.

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3 thoughts on “Poem #299

  1. Poignant and so beautiful! Each line has been crafted so well and the pain pierces the heart of the reader. Thank you for sharing this, Luna.

  2. Such a great depth of emotion! I hope you are okay, Luna!

  3. Wow Luna!!! Such an amazing and awesome poem!! Loved it, loved it!! So impassioned and beautiful and honest!

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