Coffee Date with Luna: Coronanxiety

Hello everyone and welcome to another Coffee Date with Luna!

I am going to be quite honest and say that I am terrified of the Coronavirus. I am actually trying to hold it together but the fact is that Croatia is going into quarantine and all I did for the past two weeks of my leave from work was read, listen and investigate everything about the virus and the latest safety measures. My anxiety is getting worse by the minute because on Monday I have to go to my job, do an 8 hour shift, take a laptop from the company and then work from home. My working from home could last as short as a week and the thought of working in a customer care center with more than 80 people around me during a pandemic is terrifying.

I could right now write a book complaining about the way the company I am working for is handling this virus outbreak, but I am not going to.  I think that writing too much about the anxiety I am dealing with right now and writing a lot about the virus is just going to make me more anxious.

I would like to use this post so that we can checkup on each other so I won’t be writing that much. As I said, corona is giving me anxiety because of my job etc. and now tell me how are you dealing with the current situation, how is your country doing, are you keeping yourself safe? Write down in the comments how are you, if you are experiencing any anxiety regarding the virus or write a positive, encouraging message to the community! Let’s just stay present, communicate and give each other support!

Also, I was thinking about re-activating the Positivity Press during this time of crisis so if you have something  positive you would like to share with out little community send it to

Any e-mails that come in for The Positivity Press will be published as soon as possible and The Poetry Bar is always open for your submissions

Sending love and positive vibes,

9 thoughts on “Coffee Date with Luna: Coronanxiety

  1. We are worried, silly not to really, but trying to keep optimistic and pray that everyone makes it through this terrifying time…

  2. Here in Pakistan, our colleges, offices, markets have closed although alot of people are still out partying and having dinners out or inviting people over. I didn’t take that seriously a few weeks ago but after 15th, I haven’t left my colony. My family and I aren’t very anxious as we’re doing the best in our power but someone from a neighboring colony got Corona Virus & my brother’s friends family got it as well. since cases here are increasing more thsn in Italy, it’s getting pretty scary slowly.
    But we’re holding on to faith and keeping our hopes up but we could just be calm as we have the feeling it won’t happen to us so its a strange situation. But I have hope in Allah. May Allah help and protect us all 😊

  3. In Austria everything has been closed for a week already. No cinema’s, no restaurants, no clothes stores, no libraries, nothing. The only shops that are open are supermarkets, gas stations and pharmacies. Our government asked us to go into self-isolation and to avoid spending time outside. Not that easy with an almost four year old like my daughter. 🙁 I’ve been working from home since last Monday but it was rather challenging and this is putting it mildly. *lol* I hope the situation will get better soon and I wish you all the best! Stay healthy and take care! <3

  4. I’m in California — one of the “eyes of the storm” right now — uncertainty reigns, but at least my own part of America is trying to be proactive and wise even if the nation as a whole is not due to, well, you know…..

  5. Here we are pretty much now in lockdown, although going out for walks is still perfectly fine and the supermarkets, other food and essential stores remain open but with certain restrictions of course. I feel like most other out of control, badly, my anxiety being also very extreme. To deal with this, even though it’s only small, I spent specific allocated time every day researching it, catching up while filtering out the noise: on other words, being very discerning about what I take as relevant, intelligent and not merely rumour, panic and paranoia. I feel I have a pretty good filter for this stuff, being very cynical, oddly enough, helps. It may seem very bizarre to spend some time every day effectively buried in this stuff but I find it gives me a degree of control, knowledge helps alleviate some of the potential worry I find can emerge and when it does suffocating. I’m also helping people where I can, taking precautions of course, and sharing whatever information I find legitimate that I can. Again, it all helps to feel, in what seems an utterly hopeless situation, to feel some sense of usefulness to myself and other. Look after yourself Luna and of course those you care for ~{}~

  6. I live in the UK and many people have already been let go from their jobs. My anxiety is currently sky-high!

    My university has closed, the gym and I’m scared I’ll be laid off work. I can’t focus.

    My mind can’t comprehend those people that are out and about, as if nothing is happening.

    I wish a cure can be found or immunity can fight it off. A solution ASAP

  7. I am very sorry to read this situation is causing you so much distress.
    Not the situation itself but the feelings it is causing amongst people reminds me a little of when I was growing up in the 1950s & 60s and there was this underlying fear of nuclear war.
    I’m not going to try and pile on any ‘cheery’ or fatalistic advice as they can both only serve to make a person feel worse. Nor am I going to say ‘how I am dealing with it’ (that’s just tempting Fate)
    This is just to say….
    Will be thinking of you and sending you best wishes. And despite whatever they say about lockdowns or social distancing, you will not be truly alone for you will be in many people’s thoughts

  8. I feel your pain, I worked in a customer care center during healthier times and I thought the place could have used a deep cleaning then. I would either be working from home during the current virus crisis or be delivering pizza

  9. Keep expressing, let it out and give your fears a voice. It makes them less powerful. Stay safe, Luna!

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