Poem #259

I will become happier even though it’s
not all how I wanted it to be.
I will focus on the road instead of the goal,
embrace not knowing where it goes,
I will find order in the chaos
and meaning in every new dawn.

I will see pain like the salt
in the beautiful ocean that is me.
Crucial for existence but not all there is.

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16 thoughts on “Poem #259

  1. ‘Finding order in the chaos’ what a precious line

  2. Thank you for this great share

  3. That’s the spirit. Finding meaning. 🙂

  4. As should we all… when we focus on the goal, we miss the beautiful journey.

  5. Man, that is what I needed right in this moment. Thank you.

  6. I will see salt like pain in the beautiful ocean thanks

  7. I will see salt like pain in the beautiful ocean that is me…
    What a great way to explain pain. Fantastic poem. ❤👩‍🦰❤

  8. Wowwww!!! 🔥♥️♥️♥️

  9. amazing …its like writing from a philosopher

  10. Absolutely beautiful!

  11. It’s really fantastic and inspiring

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