Coffee Date with Luna: Inspiration in pain

Hello everyone and welcome to another Coffee Date with Luna!

Usually I intended for Coffee dates to be published each Saturday but here we are.

Yesterday I went to bed a bit early because I wanted to wake up early today but that didn’t work and I ended up spending a few hours overthinking and my thoughts came to my blog and my writing.

If you follow me, you know I haven’t been posting a lot of my original poetry lately and the reason for that is that right now I am very happy in my life. I have already noticed before that I have writer’s block when I am happy. Poetry and writing in general had always been an outlet for me, a way to let go of bad emotions and terrible experiences. When I come to periods such as this one when I am happy, I have things going well for me, that creative part of me just become blocked.

Do you experience this?

I know everyone has their way of writing but I got to thinking if this is toxic for me in a way. Would I ever sabotage myself and my happiness in order to write something? And yes, my brain likes to go to extremes when I am overthinking alone at night but this question has really been bothering me. How far would I be ready to go to break this writer’s block and can I unintentionally invite unhappiness and pain to my life just to find inspiration to write?

My mind was spinning a lot last night and I thought it would be best to read more and get in touch with art and poetry again to find a new source of inspiration. Do you have any good book recommendations to get me through this period?

Writing is something that has been with me through life, I have created my blog around it and I have connected with all of you thanks to poetry and I would hate to have to pick between my writing inspiration and my happiness.

Even though I am very happy currently, this part of me is missing and I think I would experience my feelings of joy more intense if I were able to write about them but I fail every time.

Tell me what you think about this, have you experienced this or any other type of writer’s block. Also, is there any subject you would like us to discuss in our Coffee Dates?

Sending love and positive vibes,


13 thoughts on “Coffee Date with Luna: Inspiration in pain

  1. It is very true for me also that when things are in a place of me feeling solemn, anxious, or just overall emotional- the writing just pours out more…and when I’m more content, it doesnt come as heavy or something, I dont know.. (although it still flows lol) just not in the same way🌙💙🌻💫

  2. I think it’s good to be able to find a release for your negative emotions in your writing, but it sounds like you recognise the importance of learning to use the medium that you love to celebrate your positive emotions as well. I’ve got a couple of book suggestions: “The Sound Of Paper” by Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way fame – I’ve never managed to read the entire thing, but I’d recommend it anyway. I really like A Writer’s Book Of Days by Judy Reeves which is a practical guide to regular writing practice. I find the advice in it is solid and fairly upbeat. It includes a prompt for each day of the year and you might find that useful to get you writing in the good periods as well as the bad periods. Good luck.

  3. This is totally relatable. I just can’t let happiness interfere with my creativity. Hence I have learned how to write happy thoughts too.

  4. That’s a good question. Have you tried writing when in a joyful mood? Maybe it’ll be as good. I get my inspiration from almost everything; nature, experiences, dreams and the changing moods which I find convenient.
    I discovered my block was just something I had managed to convince myself and believe which is the case for most, good news is we can always change it and choose to believe on a new conviction.

  5. I just got out of a two-year-long peroid of writer’s block. It started when things were going sideways with my relationship with my ex-boyfriend, then it progressed as I was busy writing my thesis. I tried my best during that time to come up with new poems, but anything I did manage to write didn’t come out right. I understand how frustrating it must be for you and hoe it feels like there’s something missing in your life. I hope you do manage to get out of this without having to compromise your happiness.

    1. I couldn’t even read for about a year after finishing my thesis – any novel I picked up I automatically scanned the first few pages then read the ending!

      1. My thesis totally drained me.

  6. If you’re not unhappy, but want to write, maybe try writing something in a different genre. Set yourself an intellectual challenge, to keep your brain busy so it doesn’t sabotage you. 🙂 Or try a completely different creative outlet, like drawing. There have been “life drawing live” classes on TV in Aus recently, and I’m usually stick-figure standard at drawing but I really enjoyed just having a go.
    Book recommendations: Torgyny Lindgren’s “Light” is brilliant – whimsical but dark and beautifully written, and “The year of the Hare” by Arto Paasilinna is also one I think would be good for writer’s block. Good luck.

  7. I feel that I used to have this mindset around my writing, like I had to be in pain to write well. I was overthinking and judging myself too harshly. My words come from all of my emotional states. Most if my poems are channeled from Spirit. I think you may be being too harsh on yourself. Each poem, each process is different and bears an unique result. I love writing so much, it connects me to my soul. Happy you are in a good place my dear, how wonderful 💖

  8. That’s sad, only writing from the unhappy side. Writing to me has always been about creative expression of emotion and imagination, driven by all kinds of feelings. So writer’s block for me usually happens when I’m exhausted or busy with deadline tasks.
    I hope you can try writing about the happiness too.

  9. My case is a bit different, i just need to have time with myself and then sth would pop up right away and i would head to my memo app, so when i’m busy i find it hard to come up with something 😶🙈 anyway, hearing that you are happy truly warms my heart! And i’m happy for you and wish you abundant happiness! And we are content with the way it is right now! Just pop up here with your coffee breaks and we are fine~ 🌸 love you lots 🌸💝

  10. I can write fiction when I’m happy, but I only write sad poetry. Lack of routine is detrimental to my writing. Right now I have summer brain. Instead of writing, I prefer to read or watch youtube videos. Be happy and don’t worry about the writing, or be stricter about routine.

  11. Don’t force yourself if you don’t want to write. It happens when you are happy, you don’t want to write, you just want to enjoy things. It’s okay.

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